A Collection Of Interesting Theological Dissertation Topics

The right dissertation topic for your theology project is an important aspect of the whole writing process. It not only makes it easier to write the paper, but it shows what you have learned and how you are considered an expert on the subject. The project also plays a big role in getting your degree upon course completion. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to what you choose to write about.

Sources for Ideas

Where can you go to get ideas for your theology project? The internet has a vast amount of ideas through a number of sources including homework help websites, professional writing companies, and academic paper databases to name a few. Consider sources providing opinions and facts related to theological concepts. Talk to people that work in the field or have a unique interest on the subject to get their views that could be a potential topic to write about. College universities may offer sample ideas or give tips on how to brainstorm an idea. News media is another source; what current controversies would you like to learn more about that could be a topic?

10 Writing Prompts for Theological Topics

Need ideas on what to write your dissertation about? There are many ideas to consider but your personal interests and what you feel will be a meaningful and worthwhile topic is important. Your idea should be something that will fit project guidelines while offering plenty of detailes to discuss. Brainstorming helps develop a unique idea based on something broad. In many cases, all you need is a little inspiration to get things going.

Here are a few ideas to get creative juices flowing:

  1. Why are there so many different religious beliefs?
  2. Can atheism be considered as a world religion?
  3. Did religion have any influence on Adolf Hitler?
  4. Why is the subject of religion such a touchy topic to discuss?
  5. Why should politics and religion be separate?
  6. Are their religious beliefs making things more difficult for women?
  7. Have views about Middle Eastern cultures changed since 9-11?
  8. Are there religious beliefs to justify actions of the military?
  9. If there really is a God, where did he come from?
  10. The fact there are things a human is not capable of doing is evidence of a higher power. Discuss.